The GEOSS Discovery And Access Broker APIs
Authors: Fabrizio Papeschi, Mattia Santoro, Stefano Nativi
API version: 1.4.3-beta


Extends Common_UINode
Module: UI

This class extends UINode in order to provide a specific graphical representation of nodes representing events originating from sources of tyle IRIS_EVENT. The following CSS is required:

 <!-- API CSS --> 
 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />

The image above shows a IRISEvent_UINode

The code snippet below shows how to register this class to the ResultSetLayout:

var resultSetLayout = GIAPI.ResultSetLayout(id,{
     // registers this class to the layout
      'uiNodes': [GIAPI.IRISEvent_UINode],

       // ...other default ResultSetLayout properties 




Item Index



() #crossLink "Report

Inherited from UINode

Return true if this {{#crossLink "GINode"}}{{/crossLink}} {{#crossLink "Report}}report{{/crossLink}} has the "QuakeML" extension property


#crossLink "Report:

true if this GINode }report{{/crossLink}} has the "QuakeML" extension property


  • node
  • rowNumber
  • rowId
  • colNumber
  • colId

Inherited from UINode:

Renders this UINode with the given node.
This implementation creates a component constituted by a <section> and a <aside> elements according to the options.sectionDom and options.asideDom.
When an element is appended to the DOM, the correspondent event function (options.sectionDom or options.asideDom) is called.
In most part of the cases, there is no need to override this method since the implementation of the options.sectionDom and options.asideDom functions is enough.
For more info see this section.