The GEOSS Discovery And Access Broker APIs
Authors: Fabrizio Papeschi, Mattia Santoro, Stefano Nativi
API version: 1.4.3-beta


Module: UI

This widget retrieves the available sources during its initialization, and allows to select which of them to include/exclude from the discover by means of switches.
It also allows to group sources in order to include/exclude all the sources of the selected group.

A set of sources to include in the discover can be selected also during the initialization with the options.include function. The selection is effectively applied when the call to the sources method is ready; this event is fired with the options.onSourcesReady function. In order to apply the selection, the first discover call must be performed after the event has been generated.

The following CSS is required:

 <!-- API CSS -->
 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />

The image above shows a SourcesWidget (the header is not part of the widget)

  // creates the widget with two groups
 var sourcesWidget = GIAPI.SourcesWidget(id, dabNode,{
 'In situ data': ["Source title 1","Source title 2","Source title 3"],
 'Satellite data': ["Source title 4","Source title 5","Source title 6"]
// creates the widget with an initial set of sources var sourcesWidget2 = GIAPI.SourcesWidget(id, dabNode,{ // defines an initial set of sources 'include': function(source){ return === 'Source Title 1' || === 'Source Title 2'; }, // automatically starts the discover when the sources are ready // in order to apply the initial set of sources 'onSourcesReady': function(sources){, options); } });

The image above shows a SourcesWidget with 2 groups set (the header is not part of the widget)

See also the sources-widget class in the API CSS file



  • id
  • dabNode
  • [options]


  • id String
  • dabNode DAB
  • [options] Object optional
    • [width=375] Integer optional
    • [height=210] Integer optional
    • [include] Function optional

      a function which return true if the given DABSource must be included

      • [source] DABSource optional
        the {{#crossLink "DABSource"}}{{/crossLink}} to check
    • [onSourcesReady] Function optional

      callback function called when the sources method is ready

    • [groups] Object optional

      comma separated list of sources groups (see the code snippet above for more details)

    • [viewId] String optional

      a "server-side" view identifier

Item Index




() #crossLink "DAB/sources:method"

Returns the number of selected sources


#crossLink "DAB/sources:method":

the number of selected }sources{{/crossLink}}